“The tech-savvy nature of the solution is eye catching and entertaining and most importantly, it complements our mission to make customers feel like part of the community.”

-Mark Metzler
Media & Communications Officer
Merchants Financial Group, Inc.

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Bank Branch Community Board

Customer: Merchants Financial Group, Inc.
Winona, Minnesota

Goal: Create a community experience for bank branch visitors

Merchants Financial Group, Inc. (MFGI), located in Winona, Minnesota, is comprised of community banks that collectively provide financial services leadership to communities, individuals, and businesses throughout southeastern Minnesota and west-central Wisconsin. Established in 1875, MFGI is a longstanding business that has been part of the fabric of the local communities it serves. Its marketing team was searching for a way to build a greater sense of community in its branch locations by sharing information about events and activities happening in the local area. The frequency of updates made traditional communication methods, like static signage, a poor choice, and bulletin boards would not complement the elegant setting.

The MFGI team studied the various communication platforms available to them and determined a digital signage solution would allow messages to be frequently updated while providing the ability to leverage existing media assets of their brand identity to create multimedia content adapted perfectly to their branch environment. Then the search started for a solution to fulfill their needs, which is when the MFGI team turned to Digicom, Inc., a full service professional audio/video integrator located in Winona, MN. The president of Digicom, Russ Neitzke, studied the Merchants Bank location in La Crescent, MN, where the first deployment was planned, and recommended a 47” LG LCD display and a mounting location above the tellers that would provide easy viewing by customers in the queue.

The real challenge for MFGI was to find an economical software application that allowed them to change the message frequently and to provide support for the media formats they wanted to display. They researched various software vendors, but the applications were too expensive to justify one display at a single location and the user interfaces were complex and hard to understand. That’s when Russ recommended a SceneStudio Pro software solution, which was a perfect fit for their messaging needs and budget.

With the goal of the multimedia messaging solution being an increased sense of community, the staff at Merchants Bank in La Crescent reached out to local businesses and civic leaders. This outreach led to proactive community involvement to provide messages on the display that are of interest to customers. MFGI also added product and service advertisements and entertaining content, such as weather and news which has the power to keep an audience engaged.

The multimedia nature of the messaging platform engages customers and draws their attention. Because the messages are primarily about community happenings, customers’ attention stays focused. MFGI has created a stronger sense of community in La Crescent while also entertaining customers in the teller queue, which reduces perceived wait times.

MFGI is able to implement message updates on-the-fly due to the intuitive application interface of SceneStudio Pro. The staff can add community news, event notices and insert new product advertisements quickly and efficiently. They are also able to leverage existing brand messages and marketing materials by optimizing them for use in a digital signage medium.

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